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Hotel name. Location Stars Rates    Breakfast show only
Namkhong Boutique Resort Chiang Khong   143 kr incl.
Siam Tara Resort Chiang Khong   199 kr incl. recommend
Namkhong Riverside Hotel Chiang Khong   205 kr incl. recommend
Chiang Khong Teak Garden Hotel Chiang Khong   314 kr incl.
A Hotel 2 Chiang Saen   189 kr recommend
De River Boutique Resort Chiang Saen   231 kr incl.
A Hotel 1 Chiang Saen   241 kr recommend
Siam Triangle Hotel Chiang Saen   325 kr incl. recommend
The Villa Chiangrai City Center, Koh Loi Rd.   197 kr incl. recommend
GOLDEN TRIANGLE PALACE City Center, Paholyothin Road   294 kr
Wiang Inn Hotel City Center, Paholyothin Road   377 kr incl.
The Mantrini Boutique Resort City Center, Paholyothin Road   409 kr incl. recommend
Wangcome Hotel City Center, Pemawibhata Road   419 kr incl.
Inn Come Hotel City Center, Ratbumroong Rd.   157 kr
M Residence & Hotel City Center, Ratbumroong Rd.   166 kr incl. recommend
Laluna Hotel & Resort City Center, Sanambin Road   294 kr incl.
Diamond Park Inn Chiang Rai Resort & Hotel City Center, Sanpanad Rd.   247 kr incl.
S.B. Hotel City, Klang Wiang Road   149 kr
Wiang Indra Riverside Resort City, Mae Kok River   314 kr incl. recommend
The Imperial River House Resort City, Mae Kok River   524 kr incl.
Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai City, Mae Kok River   839 kr recommend
The Legend Boutique Resort & Spa City, Mae Kok River   1153 kr incl.
Luck Swan Resort & Spa City, Maekok Road   314 kr incl.
Prasurt Place City, Maekok Road   419 kr recommend
Phowadol Resort & Spa City, Maekok Road   444 kr incl.
At Chiang Rai Resort City, Robwiang   149 kr incl. recommend
MANA Hotel City, Vhiangburapha Rd.   147 kr incl.
Baan Aioon Doi Maesalong Doi Mae Salong   301 kr
Hongfu Boutique Resort Doi Mae Salong   389 kr recommend
Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa Doi Mae Salong   537 kr incl. recommend
Chiangrai Valley Resort @ Doi Hom Fha Doi Mae Salong   740 kr incl. recommend
Katiliya Mountain Resort & Spa Doi Mae Salong   985 kr incl. recommend
Imperial Golden Triangle Resort Golden Triangle   335 kr incl.
Golden Triangle Paradise Resort Golden Triangle   419 kr incl.
Anantara Golden Triangle Golden Triangle   9672 kr incl.
NANGFA mini Hotel Mae Chan   136 kr incl.
Ruenview Resort Mae Chan   231 kr recommend
Poonyamantra Resort Mae Chan   369 kr incl.
The White House Boutique Resort Mae Korn Sub-District   602 kr incl.
Wang Thong Hotel Maesai Mae Sai   136 kr incl.
Kong Kam House Mae Sai   210 kr incl.
Chour Palace Hotel Mae Sai   252 kr incl. recommend
Du Doi Suay Resort Mae Sai   369 kr incl. recommend
Mohn Mye Horm Resort Mae Suay   432 kr incl.
Balcony Hill Resort Mae Suay   491 kr incl.
Phufa Waree Chiangrai Residence Nearby Airport   222 kr incl.
Teak Garden Spa Resort Nearby Airport   273 kr incl. recommend
A-Star Phulare Valley Nearby Airport   472 kr incl. recommend
Museflower Retreat & Spa Wiang Chai   709 kr incl.
Rates for Chiangrai hotels are subject to 7% VAT and 10% service charge .
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